TRIP REPORT: Our Disney Day 11-11-16

On Friday we turned the day into a Disney day with a trip to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and a spontaneous trip to Trail’s End.


Out first stop was Epcot for our last visit to Food & Wine for the year. On our way to Epcot, I mentioned that I had never been to Trail’s End. 3 seconds later, Ryan had a reservation for dinner. πŸ˜‚

We started at China so Ryan could get his favorite, black pepper shrimp, for one last time.


We also ate at the China quick service restaurant because I’ve never eaten there before and I wanted something more substantial than the small food and wine dishes.



We met a very nice woman who said she followed me on snapchat, so if you’re reading this, hi it was great to meet you!!!
We made our way around the showcase and stopped by to say hey to princess Jasmine. I also bought a food and wine t shirt (which I surprisingly got AP discount on!)

Our plan was to walk to Beach Club and take the bus to Magic Kingdom, so we exited the World Showcase after France. We found Prince Ali on our way out and he was a sweetheart!

I love the messages they have on pretty much every one of the busses now!

We made it to Magic Kingdom around 4:00, and the parade was scheduled to start at 5.

We hopped on a spot at the end of Main Street at 4:15 and we were able to watch the flag retreat from there, which was awesome because it was Veteran’s Day that day!

It was super awesome and emotional, especially because there was a man who came back from deployment and surprised his parents during the ceremony.
Then we waited and got squished for a really long time before the parade finally reached us.

I love sunset FOF, the lighting is GORGEOUS and so is the weather. I wish it could be at 5 all the time. 😍

After FOF awe just kind of wandered around for a while until we decided to head to Ft. Wilderness for our reservation.

After we checked in we walked over to the barn to look at the horses. I LOVE horses and I CANT believe I didn’t get any photos of them. I was so in awe of them that it slipped my mind. They’re so huge and majestic and CUTE, I just can’t. 😍

Then it was time to eat!! Trail’s End is now one of my favorite dinner locations in WDW. It’s not too expensive and the food is GOOOOD.

Here’s my first plate: Caesar salad, pasta, mac and cheese, grapes, and fried chicken.

I didn’t take a photo of my second plate but it was more chicken, more mac and cheese, and some pulled pork.

And now my favorite part, DESSERT. Here’s what I got for dessert:

All I ate off of that plate was that chocolate thing with marshmallows. I have no idea what it’s called. But it was SOOO GOOD and I ate 5 of them and I could have eaten so many more. Go to Trail’s End even if it’s just for this.

After we were considerably full we took the boat to the Contemporary.

We headed up to the monorail and on the way we checked out their Frozen gingerbread house that they have every year.

And that was the end of our day! It was a really fun, spontaneous day and I loved every second of it. Disney dates are the best dates. ❀️


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