TRIP REPORT: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

On Tuesday Ryan and I attended our very first MVMCP of the season (the second date they’ve had so far). I LOVE the Christmas party already, but the fact that I got to attend with him this time made me SO incredibly happy!

When we went through the toll plaza there were cute snowmen Mickey and Minnie inflatables next to the Magic Kingdom sign.


The train station was dressed up in its holiday finest!


The first thing we did was go through the bypass to get some photo ops.


They also gave us a free prepackaged cookie which was GROSS AS HECK. Do not eat this cookie or you will die. I had to spit it into the bushes which I am not proud of.

Next it was time for the castle lighting, because who would we be if we didn’t see the castle lighting. I tried to get closer to get some semi-decent shots this time.


It was around 6:50 at this point, and we decided to wait for the first showing of Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration at 7:40 because we managed to get a front row spot. Luckily the time flew by pretty quick!


Review of this show: I think it is SUPER cute! I appreciate the live singers, and I thought they were very talented. The show is VERY upbeat; just watching it made me out of breath 😆 The text me merry Christmas song was weird, but I think between that, Clarabelle Cow as Mariah Carey, and Panchito having an electric guitar solo, the writers of this show were going for a bit of humor. I thought it was very well done and everyone who was in it was on their A game.

Then it was time for COOKIES! We decided to skip the first showing of the parade and go for the treats instead, because they added a whole bunch of new treats this year. The first place we went was Tortuga Tavern, which had the classic Snickerdoodle and hot cocoa. I honestly liked these the most out of all of the treats, although I appreciate them trying to branch out. 10/10!


On our way to Heritage House, we found a great spot for the parade so we decided to stop and watch it.


At Heritage House they had Gingersnap Molasses cookies and eggnog. This is where I found out that I am not a big fan of ginger and I HATE eggnog. I almost spit it out. It tastes like medicine. 2/10.


It was around 9 at this point, so we went to go get a spot for Holiday Wishes, which we assumed was going to be packed. WRONG! We stood by ourselves until about 15-20 minutes before it started.


Right after Wishes was over we BOOKED IT  to the end of Main Street to get a spot for the second showing of Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. We ended up getting a great spot at the end of the street which was perfect and exactly what I wanted!


After the parade was over we had a few minutes to try the other treats. We headed to Lunching Pad to get the peppermint bark cookies and hot cocoa, and then to Friar’s Nook for snowman sugar cookies (and Ryan got the snow cone).


The peppermint bark cookies were… interesting. I’m not sure I liked the coolness of the peppermint when I’m eating a cookie. But it wasn’t bad, and the hot cocoa was delicious as always. 7/10. The snowman sugar cookies tasted like something you could buy in bulk at Costco, but I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary from them anyway. Ryan reports his snow cone was good. So I will give these a 6/10!

I am SO HAPPY the Christmas parties are back. I think the Christmas party is even better than the Halloween party, and luckily our party wasn’t even that crowded. If you love Christmas like me, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to this party at least once. If you want to see all of the photos I took at the party, check out my Flickr!


2 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

  1. Absolutely love Christmas in Orlando. Never really gets old, no matter how old you get. Always made it a point to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – it’s stunning. They put it on for I think the last time in 2015, but it was definitely a must-see alongside the Magic Kingdom shows.

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    1. I totally agree! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year, especially at Disney! Yeah the Osborne lights are over now, but they’re putting in a new holiday fireworks show which looks awesome!


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