TRIP REPORT: Our Day at the Magic Kingdom

On Saturday we decided to keep our 4 day Disney streak alive with a trip to the Magic Kingdom. We both hadn’t shot Festival of Fantasy in a really long time so that was our first priority. We got to the park around 2:15 and it was PACKED with Cubs fans that were all there for the tribute parade Disney was having later that day. We had to go right to Frontierland to get a spot; I haven’t waited this long for this spot for Festival of Fantasy in a really long time.

After Festival of Fantasy we went to see Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. I was mainly interested in the new Christmas ending; I thought it could have flowed a little better, and I was disappointed with the lack of pyro, but overall it was really cute!

dsc_0290dsc_0401dsc_0338img_8573pc: @ryanfork

After MRFF, we headed to the Hall of Presidents to cool off and wait for the Muppets show. We weren’t interested in the Cubs parade just because it was so crowded, but we were able to sneak a peek as they drove by.

I LOVED this show. We watched the Declaration of Independence version, and I thought it was just the right mix of history and humor. It’s taken us a while to finally see this show but I’m curious to see the other versions they have.

We then headed over to Princess Fairytale Hall to use our fast passes to meet Rapunzel and Tiana.

Cindrella’s side was short, so we popped over there to meet her and Aurora.

They were all so sweet and I got pictures of 3/4 (it was my first time EVER meeting Tiana and I was a little nervous, so I didn’t get any of her)

After our visit to the hall we went to get some dinner. I wanted to try the new shrimp mac and cheese from Harbour House, so that’s where we headed.

img_8570img_8572Holiday identity crisis?
My mac and cheese was average, and so was Ryan’s chicken pot pie. Good, but not worth the $12+ I paid for it.

After dinner, we headed to go watch our favorite trio of castle lighting/Wishes/Once Upon a Time. I took some photos of course:

And then we headed home! Overall it was a really fun day at the Kingdom, and every night I spend there makes me remember how much I LOVE this time of year there. 😍


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