TRIP REPORT: Last Celebrate the Magic & First Once Upon a Time

On Thursday Ryan and I headed to the Magic Kingdom to watch the last showing of Celebrate the Magic. We got there just before Elsa lit up the castle.

I honestly forget what we did between then and CTM. πŸ˜‚ The only thing I can remember was riding Buzz Lightyear because it was its birthday that day. I beat Ryan and it was glorious.

Then it was time for CTM. I didn’t really get emotional, surprisingly, but I did enjoy it as always. I’m going to miss the Tangled lanterns part and the Walt part for sure. 😭
Then it was time for WISHES! We’ve watched Wishes so much the past few days and I feel so lucky whenever I watch it. I have a whole bunch of pictures from CTM and Wishes on my Twitter so feel free to check them out!


The next day was Once Upon a Time day! We got to Magic Kingdom during the most beautiful golden sunset. I took a lot of photos.

After we watched the castle lighting we decided to grab a spot for Once Upon a Time. 2.5 hours seems like a long time to wait, but we didn’t have anything else to do and we wanted an unblocked spot. We ended up getting a PERFECT spot to the right of the the Partners statue.

Luckily Wishes was at 10 that night, so we didn’t have to wait too long for that.

We were SO close to OUAT, which was at 10:45, and at about 10:40 it started sprinkling. At 10:41, it started POURING. Fun fact about me: I hate the rain. I was so ready to ditch our spot, especially because it was chilly outside. Thank God Ryan talked me out if it, and the rain ended about 1 minute into the show. Staying through the downpour was so worth it.

Overall review of OUAT: AMAZING. Some of the effects on the castle are unlike I’ve ever seen. The Cinderella part in the beginning is SO incredibly beautiful. Overall I think it’s extremely well done, and a very worthy replacement for CTM. I’d take whatever opportunity you can get and see this show ASAP. With the castle lighting, OUAT, and Wishes, nights at Magic Kingdom are quickly becoming my new favorite thing. ❀


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