LATE POST: Magic Kingdom’s 45th Anniversary

Although it was a month ago, I wanted to share some photos from Magic Kingdom’s 45th anniversary on October 1. We got to the park fairly early, around 8 am, but the monorail wasn’t working (surprise, surprise). We decided to take a bus because I absolutely hate the ferry. 🙂

01b6d88d245faf914029c1bece1638af9d91ade124Cute 45th chalk drawing outside of the Ferry!

After we got off the bus we saw the cute banner they had on the train station, and grabbed a commemorative button.


After we walked in the park we walked down Main Street and realized the Emporium line for the commemorative merchandise was ALL THE WAY TO THE HUB. After some consideration, we decided the merchandise was more important to us than the stage show they were going to have. In hindsight, that was a good decision because I got the pin I wanted as well as a few other items, and Ryan got his magic band. I feel like we would have regretted it if we didn’t get the merch.

014b3089cfb23eeb086412371f170fbf0e5103b758This is where the line started…


0182103969a57f49e4d7c06be67d1af917149821a4More waiting…

After we got our merchandise we had to get some pictures with the PhotoPass button OF COURSE. I can’t wait until 45 more years from now when I’ll look back on these pictures so fondly (although I’m looking at them fondly right now haha)


Then deliberated for a really long time on what we should do. We decided to watch Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire because the park was PACKED and the lines were super duper long.

017907b1e7ef51e50dca80207409555b5a36fbd9aaLinks in a chain!

Then we were really hungry and the celebration dog from Casey’s Corner is something we both really wanted to try. I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of this monstrosity because it was just a lot. We ended up splitting a celebration dog and MAGICAL MOMENT: everyone working Casey’s was so flustered and confused, so we got free corn dog nuggets. #win


We met up with Hunter and Jacob while getting our food and then we decided to go to meet some princesses! We met Cinderella and Aurora and they were both super sweet, as always.

0135dd01a29d2696673b71a539bdd87a9eb42a6817011e2c12eed2d66b11bd726d9fe0cfe3bcc7ec1fd5I love my kids!

After cooling off in the hall, it was time to find a spot for the parade. But first, Starbucks.

01aa4a2f2277da821221e4a4b4dc7831c6594b6026Who is she?


01e6b46ecb0649c2dbb3cf8514147a8bfe4d96ef1bI met Grace and Destin at Starbucks and they were super sweet! Thanks for saying hi!

We got our Festival of Fantasy spot on Main Street and Xavier and Morgan met up with us before the parade started. It was a blast and I’m so lucky to have great friends like them! And Dopey, Dopey rocks too.

After the parade we were really hot and tired so we decided to call it a day. The decorations looked much prettier at this point in the day because the sky was actually blue. 🙂


Overall I was highly impressed with the 45th anniversary celebration. I think Disney put in just the right amount of effort. Although the Emporium line was long, that’s because Disney was working hard to make sure everyone got what they wanted and it wasn’t an absolute madhouse inside. The park was crowded but not unmanageable, especially for it being a beautiful Saturday. We had a really fun day with friends and I can’t wait to see what the 50th has in store!


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