Last Day of Dream Along with Mickey 04-02-16

RIP Dream Along

Check out the rest of the photos on my FlickrDSC_0372DSC_0393DSC_0432DSC_0436!


2 thoughts on “Last Day of Dream Along with Mickey 04-02-16

  1. Hi! I’m OBSESSED with your blog and Instagram. I could scroll through them for hours and hours looking at your pictures, they are seriously amazing. A few weeks ago I started looking up cameras that would be best for taking pictures at Disney and then I came across your Instagram a few days ago and got even more inspired! I’ve heard a lot about Nikon 3300, the one you have. I wanted to know how you learned to use that camera soooo well and what lenses you knew to get? Did you watch videos or go to a photography class or something like that? Also, your photos are edited beautifully. Just wanted to let you know that the video that is in your FAQ is private and can’t be viewed for some reason, unless it’s just my computer. What editiing program do you use exactly? Thank you so much for your amazing photos and I can’t wait to see more in the future!!! 🙂


    1. First of all thank you so much for all of the compliments, holy cow!!! As for how I learned my camera so well, it’s basically all trial and error… I’m lucky that I go to Disney a few times a week so if I mess up on a shot or something I can go back and retake it. If there’s ever anything I need to know there’s usually a YouTube tutorial on it, so I’ve learned a lot from that as well! And as far as lenses, I only have one that I’ve bought on my own (my other 2 came with my camera) and that one I just heard was good by word of mouth 🙂 I use Lightroom to edit, which I HIGHLY recommend! It takes a little getting used to but again, YouTube tutorials are lifesavers! Thanks for letting me know about the video, I’ll take a look at it!


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