NYE at Magic Kingdom

This year for New Year’s Eve I had to stay in Orlando for work, so my sister and I decided to celebrate the new year at The Most Crowded Place on Earth. We got to Disney property around 10 am, and as we were driving to park at MK (or so we thought) we saw the MK exit was backed up for MILES (we later found out that they weren’t letting anyone through at the entrance plaza, so thank GOD we didn’t decide to get in that line). We decided to park at Epcot and hop on the monorail over, and the only reason we were able to do that was because we’re passholders; otherwise, MK was fully at capacity. Once we arrived at MK, the crowd level actually wasn’t terrible, probably because everyone was in line. We watched the 12 and 3:30 Christmas parades and hung out on the hub grass for most of the day with the exception of our FastPasses (Peter Pan, Space Mountain, and Enchanted Tales). We also got our free hats and noise makers – and it was at that moment I was so happy I wasn’t a CM because BOY are those things annoying!!! Around 6 we watched Holiday Wishes with the New Year’s fireworks at the end. I’m glad we did that, because those fireworks are really somethin’ else and it takes a couple times of watching them to fully realize what the heck is happening because there’s just fireworks EVERYWHERE. After we watched those fireworks we got dinner at Pinocchio’s (because where else would we go) and ate leisurely until about 9:30 when we decided to get our spot for the actual New Year fireworks. I made the mistake of trying to head right down Main Street… never again. The line was SINGLE FILE and we had to walk to the moon and back just to get to where Casey’s was. We finally got where we needed to be and got ice cream from the parlor on Main Street, then got our spot (which ended up being exactly where I wanted, just past Casey’s/the ice cream parlor, in the middle of the street) and waited.  And waited. And waited for an extremely long time while the DJs were playing music from 5 years ago and having everyone scream every time we got 5 minutes closer and do the wave down Main Street and a whole bunch of other cliche stuff like that. Finally 11:50 hit and Fantasy in the Sky started. These fireworks were cute, and I definitely feel like I need to see them again because in the back of my mind I was just waiting for it to be midnight so we could experience what we braved those stupidly large crowds for. Then of course it was 11:59, the countdown started (which is the cutest thing ever, I may add) and then it was midnight and the new year and fireworks were EVERYWHERE and I was so extremely happy and optimistic for the year ahead. I read that if you have money in your hand when the new year hits then you’ll be getting a lot of money in the new year, or something? Well if thats true, I was surrounded by pixie dust in the first moments of this new year, so I hope that means good things are coming for me. I would definitely recommend heading to Disney at least once for New Year’s Eve, but next year I think we’ll see the big fireworks at 6 and head to Epcot, because I’ve heard theirs are pretty epic too. 🙂 I included my Snapchat story from that day as well as a video of the fireworks so you can see what all went down!


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